FOURPOINTS Investment Managers

The creation of FOURPOINTS Investment Managers is the result of the merger between PIM Gestion France and IT Asset Management

The new entity FOURPOINTS Investment Managers remains an independent asset management company owned by its executives and employees. Its assets under management total $1 billion.

FOURPOINTS Investment Managers’ executive committee is chaired by Béatrice Philippe, and includes Muriel Faure, Chief Executive Officer in charge of sales, marketing and communication, Michel Raud, Chief Investment Officer, Benoît Flamant, Head of the Tech Investment Strategy, and Jacques B. Vaÿsse, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.

As Béatrice Philippe points out “This merger simply broadens our research capabilities and our investment offerings. We are confident in the new prospects and opportunities created by the merger, which will benefit our investors and partners alike”.

FOURPOINTS take a unique approach for managing technology funds

For technology funds, our approach is thematic and is characterized by the pursuit of technological disruptions that create value. Our universe comprises about 300 names, of which 30 to 50 are in the portfolios.

Disruptive technologies, a key factor

  • Disruptive technologies are happening faster and faster in the Infotech industry. They create winners and losers.
  • FOURPOINTS has the ability to focus on these fault lines that run through the industry, free from index or geographical constraints.
  • Investing in technology through a tracker or an index fund does not take advantage of these disruptions.

FOURPOINTS Investment Managers currently offers the FOURPOINTS Funds InfoTech Fund